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Thank you for visiting the website of Colorado poet Lew Forester


Check out sample poems, order a book, see where Lew is reading next. Due to the pandemic and social distancing, events other than video readings are currently cancelled or pushed back. 

Praise for Dialogues With Light

Lew Forester's poems come from the marrow. They speak of old truths in new light, stories born of hard-won wisdom, joy and sadness. Here's a poet at home with lyricism who knows what he's about, and not afraid to tackle the big questions: the nature of man and man's place in nature. His work is infused with wonder and a generosity of spirit. Here is poetry that lingers long after the reading.

Frank Coons, author of Finding Cassiopeia and Counting in Dog Years

Keep this book of courage and consolation on the bedside table to re-read often.

Donna Pucciani, author of Edges

Lew Forester's Dialogues With Light is a highly metaphorical collection filled with poems of depth and meaning. The collection explores language and out use of it, even when words become "clouds blocking light." This is a stellar debut.

Sheryl Luna, author of Pity the Drowned Horses and Seven

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