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My website has been long overdue for an update. Many publications now include links to author's websites, and perhaps

that is what brought you here.

I've had a number of poems published in the past couple of years, including in:

Atlanta Review, Main Street Rag, POEM, Evening Street Review, Blue Mountain Review, Sky Island Journal, Slipstream,

Stonecrop Review, House of Zolo #3, Slipstream, The MacGuffin, Quiet Diamonds, Chiaroscuro, and others. Chiaroscuro

was produced by Northern Colorado Writers, who won a Colorado Book Award for last year's anthology.

I've posted a couple of more recently published poems. I'm also working on my next full-length collection, which I hope

to have out within a year. I've appreciated the many kind words for "Dialogues with Light," which came out just before

Covid hit. I enjoy writing much more than promotion, but we did do a second printing with it. I'm happy to mail you a

signed copy, postage paid by me. Or you can order a copy from the Orchard Street Press.  You can email me at 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, I haven't done any readings for a while other than via Zoom. I hope this changes soon.

I'll try to stay more current with this website and post new poems more frequently.

Wishing everyone a happy and HEALTHY 2022!


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